Sunday, October 7, 2007

Christmas in Paradise

We booked our trip yesterday and for Christmas we'll be on Vieques Island, seven miles off the coast of Puerto Rico. We're going to miss being with Benjamin's family in Oneonta, who we normally spend Christmas with, but we figure change is good and what better place than on a sunny beach in the Caribbean with cool drinks in our hands and a soft breeze on our backs? Initially, we talked of Paris or a European getaway, but in the end couldn't resist a haitus from the Northeast in December, which if we remember correctly, can be a little frigid. We're staying at the Hix Island House in Vieques and the loft we rented is 1,200 square feet!

Here's some shots of our loft:

Here's some beach shots from Vieques--Just imagine us in the distance under a beach umbrella


maegen said...

i'm pretty upset you are leaving me at christmas, but that spot looks amazing. i'll try to be happy for you guys.

Jacob said...

I'm excited for you two, but will miss you well. I can just picture the old man in red stoping by you eco-friendly concrete modernest inspired pad to fill your stockings with some seasonal joy