Thursday, November 1, 2007

Home Ownership Strikes Again!

Had a heating and cooling guy out to the house today to take a look at our defunct gas space heater in the attic, figuring it was nothing big...a fuse perhaps. Nope. It's fried. Winter is on the way and decent new heaters, last I checked, don't grow on trees, at least not in Vermont. I keep going back to a conversation I had with my Dad before Shannon and I bought the house when he warned me that owning a house would entail more and cost more than we could ever imagine. Now, my Dad's a smart guy and I'm sure he knew that for his advice really to sink in we would have to experience it firsthand, but I thank him for trying. That's not to say we would have done anything differently or not bought the house, but it's funny what you remember and how some advice, now matter how relevant, just takes time to make sense.

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maegen said...

did you write that post just to help me feel better about not owning a house?? i am sorry about your heater but, i have to say i love hearing stories about the trials and tribulations of home ownership. ahh- the beauty of just being able to call the landlord and have them deal with it. thanks for helping me appreciate my lovely little rental apartment!!