Thursday, May 29, 2008

Project Belly, 38 Weeks

Okay, is an updated picture of my buddha belly!
The baby is big, boisterous, and big!
If you think that belly looks big, you should see my swollen ankles and feet. They look like Hobbits' feet.


Linnie said...

You look Good Shannon No stretch marks that I can see, so thats good. My belly looked like a road map!
Hopefully see you soon (before baby) to shower you with gifts. Enjoy your time pre baby though =)

Dawn said...

Hi Shannon! Love the blog, I had no idea you had one. You look great. I wish someone took some pictures of my belly when I had Zachary- and that was at 36 week!! Enjoy your time now and get lots of rest! Can't wait to meet the new bundle of joy.