Monday, September 8, 2008

major meltdown

today felix and i headed downtown to run some errands and hopefully meet up with aunty meg for lunch. so felix ate before we left, but started to fuss as we got to rite-aid to drop off a prescription. i gave him his pacifier and he sucked for a short while before ejecting it from his mouth. as we walked to the bank, the fuss got a little more intense, but not quite a cry. by the time we got to the bank, the cry was in full force and the melt down began. i thought, oh i can handle this, i brought the carrier with me today. grabbed the screaming baby, put him in the carrier and proceeded to walk around a bit to settle him down. settle down wasn't really what felix had in mind...the cry became louder and more intense...quivering lips, crocodile tears, the whole works. major meltdown!!! how could he be hungry, i just fed him, thought the new mom with the screaming baby! so we walked to city hall park to find a bench to hang out on. the poor guy, finally started to calm down after i took him out of the carrier, took his pants off because now we were both sweating, and began to feed him. after eating, he fell fast asleep and i could have done the same, but we were still down town. Yup...i did say we were going to meet aunty meg for lunch but jury duty called! felix slept while i ate lunch, got coffee, picked up the prescription, and walked all the way fact, he is still sleeping phew!

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maegen said...

that picture is great!! i happened to run into shannon and felix walking home after the meltdown and she looked kind of like that. i could tell something was up from down the street. yikes! the bummer for me is that i had to have lunch with my random friend from jury duty instead of shannon and felix. boo!!