Friday, January 2, 2009

First Holidays!

We celebrated our first Christmas and New Year's with Felix and had an absolute blast! It was a trade off because last year at Christmas, Benjamin and I were sunning ourselves on Vieques, an island off of Puerto Rico...but this year we are blessed with our amazing little boy! On Christmas Eve, we had munchies here with the Curleys (Maegen and Jay, and Kathy and Paul) and my mom. We ate lots of good food and exchanged some presents! It was really nice to spend Christmas eve with Maegen, as we can't remember the last time we spent the holiday together.
We awoke early on Christmas morning, packed the car, and headed for Oneonta, NY! I must say that even with the baby and the dog we beat Jacob and Diana there by an hour or so! heehee!!! We had appetizers upon arrival and then opened presents! I must admit that we did not take a single photo during present time, but Felix did get lots of nice things...and so did we! With all five boys, plus me and Diana, and Karen and Doug opening presents at the same time, it didn't leave much time for photos!
We enjoyed an excellent turkey dinner with the Daileys and then dessert with the Sassons!!! Always great to catch up with everyone!
Nana and Tigger were loving them some Felix all weekend. Nana decided since Felix has 8 grandparents, she needs to find a way to be remembered!! She started the trend by giving Felix his first sip of ginger ale and a nibble on some pizza crust! I didn't think either of these things were cute, but looking at the photos I suppose it's alright!
New Year's Eve was fairly mellow. Sean, Michelle, and Leah came over for dinner and fun. Benjamin, aka Jamie Oliver, made pulled pork with homemade bbq sauce and buns. We also had winter vegetable coleslaw, salad, cookies, and some very special brownies! YUMYUM! Let the diet begin, as i have been eating cookies, candy, and treats for the entire month of december!

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