Friday, April 3, 2009

Big Rascal!!!

Ok...since Felix hit the nine month mark, he has learned a lot of new things! No, he hasn't learned to crawl forward, but boy, can he scoot backwards! When I sit him down on the kitchen floor to play while I am making lunch, he will sit for a few moments and quickly make his way to his belly. Yesterday he scooted backwards right into the kitchen-aid mixer and was kicking the bowl!

Felix has also started to develop his pincher grasp by picking up little puffs or pieces of fruit to snack on. He and his friend Aoife enjoy noshing on puffs together!

When left to his own devices in his room, he decided to help me put his laundry away! He was so proud of himself when I returned, and found the laundry basket, of folded laundry, all over the floor!

Felix discovered that he LOVES the swings at Battery Park. While fussing in his stroller, I decided to stop at the park and try out the swings. He was laughing hysterically. It was so cute! We went back to the park with Aoife...but she wasn't that into it!

Now the icing on the cake of Felix developing "rascalness", is what I found today when I went to check to see if he was napping...

Need I say more!

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Ian said...

He can scoot backward, eh? Sounds like you've got yourself a squid-boy on yer hands....