Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Felix was treated to a veritable buffet of Indiana family a couple of weeks ago (we're a little behind on postings), including his Opa John, His Great Grandma Roesch, his uncle Jacob (care of Tarrytown, NY), and his Great Aunts Jane, Barbara, and Margaret (care of Palm Beach, FL) who all came bearing gifts and photos and good cheer. We had a wonderful visit and Felix enjoyed meeting everyone. Plus, Great Grandma Roesch treated Felix and bought him a swing (battery, not wind-up), which he enjoys with great frequency. I included an action shot below of its assemblage, undertaken by Jacob and Barbara. Special notice here goes to his Oma Anita who wasn't present, but sent along Felix's first scrap book, which is so nice and artfully done that it warrants entry into the Scrapbook Hall of Fame, provided there is such a thing. Thanks to everyone for coming!! And thanks to Margaret for being patient when her flight home was cancelled (twice).

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Gwenn said...

omg! look at that red hair!!!!!! too cute!