Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lobster Day!

This past weekend, we ventured to the coast of Connecticut for the annual Lobster Day celebration. Felix visited with his grandma and grandpa, who paraded him around to everyone in the neighborhood who had heard of "Famous Felix". He also got to meet most of the Meehan family and his 13 second cousins (all under the age of 7)! It did feel a bit like romper room at times, but thank goodness for golf cart rides and big puddles to jump in. Lobster Day is such a great tradition because it brings all of the family together for good food, boat rides, long walks, and laughs! One does have to be careful of the water because there are 4, yes, 4 new babies that will join the family within the next year! Congratulations all!

Felix also got to meet his Great-Grandparents Meehan! Great-Grandpa was celebrating his 85th birthday! We are glad he is feeling better after his recent stint in the hospital. We hope he continues to do well in the coming weeks!

Felix was dressed for the occasion with his Lobster shorts! Everyone usually wears something with a lobster on it, so it was quite the challenge finding lobster gear for an infant. Alas, an over-priced British catalog came through for us!

My dad and I were hanging out in the giant comfy chair during the rain storm Saturday afternoon!

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