Friday, November 21, 2008

meet aunt jessica!

Last weekend, my Opa came back to Burlington so that I could meet my Aunt Jessica! She loved holding me, giving me kisses, and cuddling up with Stella, too! All the pictures of her I had seen, she had blonde hair and when she arrived I was surprised! She dyed her hair Black! I still think she is beautiful! We celebrated Aunt Jessica's 20th birthday, did some shopping, and visited the Ben & Jerry's factory. Unfortunately, I was a little fussy while she was here. I think I am starting to get some teeth and boy...that almost hurts more than my vaccines! Opa sang me my "F-E-L-I-X" song over and over and I loved it every time! Dad and Uncle Jacob loved joining in for a verse or two! It was nice to see everyone again! It does make me a little sad that I won't see Opa and Oma until February!

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