Monday, November 10, 2008

up to date!

here are some photos to bring you up to date with our goings-on!
felix is now almost 5 months old and he is simply amazing!
he rolls over from his belly to his back and is still exploring the back to belly roll-over.
since i last wrote on our blog...
john and anita came for a visit!
felix and i went to connecticut for a good bye brunch for the grandparents meehan.
we went to craftsbury to spend the weekend with friends.
we celebrated auntie meg's birthday
we are about to meet aunt jessica for the first time this coming weekend.
busy, busy!
we also have lots of coffee dates with moms and babies, go to baby yoga, and go for lots of walks.
now that papa has a student teacher who is soloing, we go to the high school for lunch sometimes.
felix is exploring all kinds of new noises and volumes. he is also grabbing
things, drooling aggg lot, andpulling hairjjvv he also helps me type...isn't he doing a good job!
i better go...the idea of a nap has left felix's mind and he now wants to play and do stuff!

this is sean, my cousin's son! can you even handle the costume! plus notice how he and felix could be brothers! what is crazy is that there is no blood relation here!

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maegen said...

that picture of sean and felix is the most adorable thing ever. they are so cute.

aunty meg