Friday, March 6, 2009

Grandpa Meehan

Felix's First Visit with Great Grandpa Meehan

I have been thinking a lot about grandpa since his passing and I was trying to remember the first time I met him. I cannot remember the exact meeting as I was probably 12 or 13, but I do remember that he started out as Mr. Meehan because my dad had yet to marry Elizabeth. I remember taking a liking to him right away, as what was there not to like! He was warm, welcoming, and had a fantastic sense of humor. At my dad and Elizabeth's wedding, I won't ever forget the "welcome to the family" that came from Grandpa! Mr. Meehan became grandpa just like that! It was an easy transition to make with someone who fit the role so perfectly. I have lots of great memories of spending long summer days on Latimer Point with Grandma and Grandpa keeping eye on all the happenings around them...always with warm smiles and sparkly eyes.
Lucky for me, that even without Grandpa there...I still get to see sparkly eyes as my dad and Elizabeth have become grandparents at Latimer Point. The legend of (great) Grandpa Meehan will carry over for Felix through his grandma and grandpa at the beach!

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