Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Date Night Becomes Fright Night: The Trials of Home Ownership, Part 27

The premise was simple: Mom and Dad go to dinner and a movie, Felix stays home with his Grandma Jackie. No problem. And it wasn't, until we got home from our date. Let's start at the beginning. Shannon and I went to American Flatbread and dined on craft brews and the most delectable pizza known to man, then watched the new Batman movie with a hundred of our closest friends at the Roxy (it's awesome--dark, but awesome). Shortly after arriving home and Grandma left, I playfully jumped on the bed while Felix was lying on it making goo-goo eyes at me, and BOOM!--the bed frame collapsed under us and we hit the deck. Felix was fine, but the bed frame wasn't, and I wrestled with it for the next two hours, finally figuring a way to rig it back together so that it could hold us. I meandered downstairs to put my tools away and lock up for the night (it was midnight by this point), feeling pretty useful and good about things when I noticed that the back door handle and the door itself were soaking wet. Cue leak. We've had nothing but rain lately and it looks like we're losing the war against it, because upon inspection this morning, the back porch roof is toast, full of holes in the shingles and gangly rotten wood beneath, hence the leak in the door jamb and the aforementioned wet door handle. In an ominous twist, we're expecting an inch of rain tonight and another inch tomorrow. To fight back, I'm having the entire house plastic wrapped.

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