Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Felix Does Oneonta

Felix was a champ on his first extended road trip to Oneonta, NY this past weekend, handling the four and a half hour drive with ease (he slept the whole way) and making not a peep about sleeping in a new room and in his back up bassinet. I think his exact words were "when do we eat?" It was Felix's first time meeting his uncles James and Daniel and his Great Grandma Jean and his Great Grandparents Dailey, as well as long time family friend Patrick Maguire, and his lovely bride, Beth Parsons. Also in attendance were all four family dogs, in order by age, Penny, China, Stella, and Omar. (See group doggie picture below) We would have had fun without it, but the brothers had recently purchased a Nintendo Wii and we were glued to that thing pretty much the whole time we were there, taking dinner and croquet breaks as needed. Can't wait to go back!

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